Nelly De Vuyst 7-Day Clean and Green Challenge

The inspiration behind the Nelly De Vuyst 7-day challenge is to become aware of how many toxic ingredients we come into contact with multiple times per day. Nelly de Vuyst Bio|Organic products offer healthier alternatives that promote healthy glowing skin with astonishingly effective organic formulations. Vote with every dollar and support companies committed to eco-friendly practices.

To do the 7-day Detox Clean and Green Challenge we invite you to look at the ingredient list of your current products and make a commitment to reduce your exposure to known toxic ingredients commonly found in skin care. Go clean and green this October, one product per day and eliminate any product containing the Toxic 20.

The INCI Beauty app is gaining popularity as a quick scanning app that shows how your current products rank. Nelly De Vuyst BioTense Products are listed as the highest rated organic formulas on the market today.

Face Care Products



Look for sulfate-free formulas like Cleansing Gels in the BioTense or BioAcne lines.



Choose alcohol-free formulas with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Hawthorn like the pH Toner BioTense



Avoid the use of harsh acids and scrubs that can irritate you skin. Choose gentle enzymatic exfoliants like the Gommage BioTense.



Serums often contain silicones, coloring and fragrance that are not beneficial for the skin. The BioTense Serum brims with time released actives of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid for immediate benefits and an ultra light weight feel.



Choose a moisturizing cream that contains potent actives such as antioxidants and microbiome friendly prebiotics. Both can be found in the BioTense Cream.



Mineral SPF are the best choice for broad spectrum protection with out irritation. Look environmentally friendly ocean and coral reef safe formulas.

Body Care

Choose clean formulas without synthetic fragrances, which can
disrupt hormones and cause sensitivity.

Recommended Products


pH Toner BioTense



Gommage BioTense



Serum BioTense



Cream BioTense


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