A Quick Fix for Dry Skin

Lipids are an essential part of our skin immunity and play a major roll in our skins hydro (water) and lipidic (oil) barrier. This barrier protects us form environmental irritations, bacteria and allergens.

Changes in temperature, genetics and harsh cleansers can affect barrier functions along with our skins ability maintain moisture. If you suffer from dry, sensitive or irritated skin the following tips are recommended:

  1. Choose a mild cleanser on your skin and avoid sulfates
  2. Avoid long hot showers or baths
  3. Incorporate richer textures and oils to your daily skin care rituals

The use of tailored oils from Nelly DeVuyst® instantly transforms various skin conditions with six skin specific synergies. Each is masterfully blended and combined organic plant extracts and therapeutic organic certified essential oil. Our non comedogenic blends are light yet nourishing and will not clog pores. 

For dry skin

The Cellular-Matrix Oil contains pure cold pressed Borrage seed oil that replenishes essential lipids to the skin. Preserves hydration by preventing the transdermal water loss.

For mature skin and hyperpigmentation

The Radiance Oil is our newest synergy that is rich in anti oxidants such as Melatonin and Glycogen. Olive, Argan and evening primrose oils instantly banish signs of dehydration and fatigue.

For oily skin prone to comedones

The Purifying Extract is a light formula that rebalances combination skin with anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Helps to dissolve black heads and white heads while preventing breakouts.

For acne-prone skin

Hygia Multi-Use Oil is our cult favorite, named after the goddess Hygia, it is blend of therapeutic antiseptic essential oils that include Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Geranium and Eucalyptus. Promotes healing and minimizes acne scarring.

For sensitive skin

The Sensitive Skin Extract is a fragrance and essential oils free blend ideal for hyper sensitive and reactive skin types. It contains pure organic olive oil and St. John wort extract that immediately calms, sooths and nourish your skin

For acne Rosacea

The Sensitive Skin Essential Concentrate reduces redness and inflammation associated with Acne Rosacea Flare ups.

The oils and extracts from Nelly De Vuyst® are easy to incorporate in your routine simply by layering a few drops under your Nelly De Vuyst® Creams morning and or at night. They can also be used on their on and an ultra nourishing and rebalancing night treatment.

Still not sure what oil or extract to use, consult our “My Skin Concern” Quiz to find the perfect products tailored just for you!

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