Gel or Cream? Which to choose for your moisturizer?

Gel or Cream? Which To Choose For Your Moisturizer?

Did you know that the texture of your moisturizer plays an important role in your overall skin care, depending on your skin type? Choosing the right moisturizer can become a challenge when textures are involved … Let’s determine what differentiates a “cream” from a “gel” and discover the best option according to your skin type.

Do you suffer from hormonal acne?

Do You Suffer From Hormonal Acne?

Do you think hormonal acne is a skin problem affecting mainly young adolescents? Think again! Adult studies have found that acne affects more than 50% of women aged 20 to 29 and 25% of women aged 40 to 49. The cause? Hormonal fluctuations. Discover the signs that reveal if you are suffering from hormonal acne and a daily skin care routine to adopt in order to control the symptoms.