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A Perfect, Radiant Complexion for the Holiday Season!

The holiday season is just around the corner and the time has come to put your best face forward. As enjoyable as this festive time of year is for all of us, it is nevertheless the most difficult for our skin. Cold, humidity, lack of sunlight and hearty meals accompanied by a “few” alcoholic beverages takes a toll on our bodies and consequently our skin appears tired , our complexion is dull , dark circles are present and our skin lacks firmness. Discover the trick of the week to avoid these inconveniences and spend the holiday season in beauty. Continue reading

Nelly De Vuyst®: For the Passion of Aesthetics

Born in Belgium on February 1, 1917, Nelly De Vuyst began her career in the early 50’s as an owner of a beauty salon. Passionate and committed, Nelly De Vuyst participated in numerous medical conferences that led her to develop a keen interest in the study of plants used in cosmetics. Determined to provide her clients with the best solutions to their skin care concerns, she immediately began flirting with the idea of developing her own range of skin care products. Continue reading

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