Marlène Fradette

Caroline's Story


Acne hurts from the outside in!
However, acne also helped me to grow.

Caroline’s Story

At the origin of this movement: Marlène Fradette, a esthetician and long time user of Nelly De Vuyst® products.

Mme Marlène Fradette had a client, Caroline, who had been struggling with cystic acne for years. After having tried everything, Caroline turned to Marlène Fradette in hopes of finally getting rid of this horrible skin condition.

Inspired by how she and Nelly De Vuyst changed her patient’s life, Marlène Fradette set out to help others like her. 

She shares: “During my career, I have witnessed the physical discomfort and especially the psychological extent associated with skin problems.” She says, “Caroline, one of my clients, suffered from very severe cystic acne at the time, which literally disfigured her face despite all her medical treatments. Her acne problem was such a crippling daily ordeal that she hid her face and restricted all social interaction. After a rigorous skincare program with Nelly De Vuyst® products, Caroline’s skin was completely transformed, healthy and beautiful.”

It was from that moment that the idea for the Nelly Gives Back movement was born in collaboration with Manon Pilon, Director of the Nelly De Vuyst® brand. She concludes: “Nelly De Vuyst does not only transform the skin, Nelly De Vuyst transforms lives and it is the mission of the Nelly Redonne movement to transmit this message of hope and to open a field of possibilities for all women with skin problems.”

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