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Body Products

Cellulite, firming and anti-aging for the body; whatever the need, choose from our wide range of Nelly De Vuyst® Body Products.

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Soothing Gel Elle

Specially designed for the intimate feminine area prone to discomfort, dryness or itching. Helps to maintain the balance of beneficial flora to provide overall purity, freshness and optimal well-being for everyday life.

Soothing Mask Elle

Ideal for post-depilatory care of the bikini area and skin predisposed to ingrown hair as well as to calm irritations caused by razor, wax or laser procedure.

Zone Control Elle

3-day cure targets vaginal yeast infections. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory organic ingredients assist in re-balancing the intimate flora while relieving itching, redness, burning and feelings of discomfort.

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