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Bust Treatment

All women wish that their bust line could look just a little firmer and a little better defined. Breast firming treatments have several benefits including improving the texture of the bust skin, improving the elasticity of the supporting skin of the breasts, increasing fullness and firmness of the breast itself and preventing future lack of firmness.


  • Body Exfoliant | Dead Sea Salt
  • 3 Minute Gommage - Exfoliating Cream
  • Firming Serum
  • Firming Cream (Neck & Bust)
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3 Minute Gommage | Exfoliating Cream

The 3 Minute Gommage is an exfoliating cream suitable for all skin types. It removes all traces of dead cells and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Regular use helps reduce the appearance of irregularities and opened pores while improving the aspect of the skin’s texture for a radiant and healthy complexion.

Firming Cream | Neck and Bust

Ideal for those predisposed to sagging skin on the neck and cleavage areas.
Composed of firming, toning and relaxing ingredients. Creates an “invisible natural supportive bra” on the skin. Helps to create a firmer, younger and softer skin aspect. Ideal for people wishing to reshape face and bust contour.

Firming Serum

The Firming Serum is specifically recommended for sagging facial contour and enlarged pores. Made with firming and lifting botanical ingredients, this intensive serum contributes to visibly improve the appearance of the face contour while enhancing the tone and texture of the skin. The face contour becomes redefined and large pores are minimized. An ideal serum to incorporate in an anti-aging skin care regimen.

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