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Hand Treatment

The cold dry winter, the sun, frequent washing, household products; your hands are constantly put to the test. Preserve the youthfulness and softness of your hands with specifically designed Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products that are up to the task.


  • 3 Minute Gommage - Exfoliating Cream
  • Hand Cream
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3 Minute Gommage | Exfoliating Cream

The 3 Minute Gommage is an exfoliating cream suitable for all skin types. It removes all traces of dead cells and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Regular use helps reduce the appearance of irregularities and opened pores while improving the aspect of the skin’s texture for a radiant and healthy complexion.

Hand Cream

Ideal for the care of dry and rough hands showing dark spots.
Composed of moisturizing, restorative and protective ingredients. Forms an ultra-hydrating invisible glove that protects hands from drying out. Prevents the appearance of brown spots and rough skin. Hands are softer and appear visibly younger.

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