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The Most Popular Gifts for the Holiday Season!

The Most Popular Gifts for the Holiday Season!

Are you lacking inspiration for the holidays? Find the perfect gift that will be sure to please everyone on your list! Find the most popular Nelly De Vuyst products in the Nelly De Vuyst Holiday Kits!

  • Bio|Science Kit

Bring back the youth and firmness to the face of one of your loved ones in less than 8 weeks with the luxurious Bio|Science kit! This high-end set will offer all of the plumping and regenerating performance of peptides to erase wrinkles and redefine the contour of the face. This kit includes all the products needed to clean, balance and exfoliate the skin, along with the most renowned anti-aging skincare products in the Lifting Complex line!

Includes : Cellular-Matrix Cleansing Milk, Lifting Complex Toner, 3 Minute Gommage, Lifting Cream Complex, Lifting Serum Complex, and Headband


  • Bio|Organic Kit

Give the gift of irresistibly softer, fresher and more moisturized skin this winter with the Bio|Organic Gift Set: the first collection of COSMOS ORGANIC Certified Organic Skin Care by Ecocert Greenlife. This luxurious organic set will provide all the benefits of organic plant extracts and minerals to ensure deeply nourished skin and a more refreshed complexion. It includes all the BioTense products needed to cleanse, balance, exfoliate and moisturize the skin, as well as an anti-dark circle treatment BioTense CirculaLift Eye Contour Patches.

Includes : Foaming Gel BioTensepH Toner BioTenseCream BioTense, CirculaLift Eye Contour Patches BioTense and the Gommage BioTense Travel Size


Because the best things come in small packages, discover all of the Nelly De Vuyst kits that will bring a smile to all of your loved ones!


Kit for Men

Do you want the perfect gift for a man who cares for his skin? Offer the Nelly De Vuyst Kit for Men. It includes everything needed to clean the face, shave the beard, clean and exfoliate the body, and calm irritations from shaving.

Includes : Foaming Wash Soft Net for Men, Soothing Emulsion for Men and BioTense Body Exfoliating Bar





Instant Glow Kit

Do you have someone on your list that is looking for an instant boost during the holiday season? Offer the duo of VitaLift-C HA Serum and CirculaLift Eye Contour patches for an immediate “beauty lift”. This exclusive duo of stabilized vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will instantly lighten and smooth the face while clearing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Includes : VitaLift-C HA Serum and CirculaLift Eye Countour Patches



BioAcne Kit

Spoil someone you love with the BioAcne Kit from the Bio|Medical collection: the first line of specialized medical grade skin care for problem skin, certified organic COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife. This anti-acne, purifying and soothing trio will treat their skin and prevent acne symptoms for a clearer complexion, without shine!

Includes :  Cleansing Gel BioAcne , Purifying Gel BioAcne and Mask BioAcne.





 Bio | Femme Kit

Do you have a loved one who complains of the symptoms of pre-menopause or menopause? Offer them a solution to this problem with the Bio|Femme kit.  The Bio|Femme collection is the first line of specialized care products for the hygiene and well-being of the feminine intimate regions and certified organic COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife. The Bio|Femme kit has been specially designed to cleanse and moisturize the intimate areas, as well as to prevent ingrown hairs. This treatment will maintain the optimum pH level of the intimate feminine area and ensure long-lasting comfort and well-being.


Includes : Cleansing Foam, Regenerating Serum and Ingrown Hair Complex





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