Products that you can trust

At Nelly De Vuyst, quality and safety are our top priorities and that is why we are proud to hold certifications from leading industry organizations that attest to the integrity of our products and manufacturing processes.

Oils : Essential Care For Your Skin

Meeting The Highest Industry Standards

Our formulations are certified by recognized authorities such as ECOCERT, COSMOS and Cosmebio, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of organic and natural skincare. These certifications guarantee that our products are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients providing peace of mind to our customers.

Clean, Safe and Environmental Responsible

In addition to organic certifications, our manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality control standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO Certifications. These certifications ensure that our products are produced in a clean, safe and environmentally responsible manner, from ingredient sourcing to final packaging.

Quality & Integrity

By choosing Nelly De Vuyst, you can trust that you are investing in skincare products that are not only effective and luxurious but also ethical and sustainable.

Our commitment to quality and integrity is reflected in everything we do, from the ingredients we use to the certifications we hold.