Since 1974

Our Past

Nelly De Vuyst has been a pioneer in the skincare industry for over five decades. With a rich history rooted in passion and innovation, Nelly De Vuyst has been dedicated to providing exceptional skincare solutions that prioritize the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Founded in 1974 by Madame Nelly De Vuyst herself, our brand has consistently strived for excellence, combining the latest advancements in skincare technology with the timeless wisdom of nature. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the industry, with a reputation for delivering results-driven products that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele.

Pushing The Boundries

The Present, The Future

Nelly De Vuyst® products are now sold in over 4,000 locations across 25 countries. This specialty skincare line is known for its guaranteed results and its science-based approach to correcting skin problems.

At the heart of our philosophy is the Diadermic Method, a unique approach to skincare that combines the principles of dermocosmetics with the holistic benefits of natural ingredients. Developed by Madame Nelly De Vuyst herself, this method focuses on restoring the skin’s natural balance and vitality, resulting in healthier, more radiant skin.

With a commitment to innovation and research, we continuously push the boundaries of skincare, seeking out new ingredients and technologies to enhance our product offerings. Our state-of-the-art GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory facilities combined with our team of experienced chemists and skincare experts enable us to develop cutting-edge formulations that deliver visible results.

As a brand, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty and achieve healthy, radiant skin. Through education, inspiration and transformative products, we strive to make skincare accessible to all, helping our customers look and feel their best every day. 

A New Generation Of Skincare

The Innovators

Manon Pilon and Amir Hussein are revolutionizing the skin care and women’s wellness market with the New Generation of Nelly De Vuyst® Products. Combining the latest technologies and manufacturing processes as well as the highest industry standards, they continuously seek to develop innovations that offer the best results.