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Face Care Treatments

Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin, Pigmentation, Rosacea, Acne… Skin Care treatment solutions of the highest efficiency.

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Body Care Treatments

Cellulite, Slimming, Firming, Stretch Marks…Reshaping the silhouette begins with making the right moves.

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Signature Treatments

Exfoliation, oxygenation, lifting, cellulite…In institute exclusivity Professional Care by Nelly De Vuyst.

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Zone Control Elle

3-day cure targets vaginal yeast infections. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory organic ingredients assist in re-balancing the intimate flora while relieving itching, redness, burning and feelings of discomfort.

Soothing Mask Elle

Ideal for post-depilatory care of the bikini area and skin predisposed to ingrown hair as well as to calm irritations caused by razor, wax or laser procedure.

Soothing Gel Elle

Specially designed for the intimate feminine area prone to discomfort, dryness or itching. Helps to maintain the balance of beneficial flora to provide overall purity, freshness and optimal well-being for everyday life.

Regenerating Serum Elle

Super moisturizing and regenerating oils to help relieve dryness. Ideal purifying and moisturizing care for the intimate feminine area. Prevents the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.


Nelly De Vuyst® products are sold in 25+ countries in over 4,000 locations world-wide. This specialty skin care line is known for Results and a Science-Based Approach to correcting skin problems, with millions of satisfied customers.

Featured Products

The Diadermic Method™

What is it?

The Diadermic Method™ is a revolutionary manufacturing process that maximizes the synergy and benefits of the pre-selected active ingredients and encourages a specific corrective action on the skin yielding spectacular results.
What is its purpose?

This unique method ionizes and polarizes the molecules to allow the active ingredients to easily penetrate the skin and reach specific cell membranes from the superficial to the deeper layers of the skin. This technology improves skin compatibility and leaves the skincare products with rich, unique textures.


Once the exclusive formulas are made, they are converted with the Diadermique Method™ followed by safety tests, allergies and efficacy before their products are marketed. The Diadermic Method™ brings the final product molecules whose smaller size allows maximum compatibility with the skin thus promoting all assets to better interact. The Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products are absorbed by target cells to deeper levels of the skin and its lighter texture helps to encourage reconstruction and correction of the skin from within.

Clients Testimonials

I chose to bring Nelly De Vuyst product line into our practice because we felt that it filled what we were missing. Nelly De Vuyst beautifully blends luxury with results which is very important for our clientele. The product line complements our services perfectly and is attractive to our clientele. Our clients love Nelly De Vuyst. They are seeing immediate visible results, they love that each product performs at least a double duty. I am very pleased when our clients tell us how much they love a new product or service we provide for them.

One of my best selling products is the Cellular-Matrix Serum. I have a large clientele having Botox® injections and this serum is simply the best to prolong the effects up to 2 months. Also, my clients love the easy-to-use and customizable Nelly De Vuyst home care regimens. Thanks to Nelly De Vuyst our client satisfaction and referrals have improved dramatically.

Brenda Lemco Spa Manager

Using Nelly De Vuyst products exclusively has made Skinlux a haven for clients who have sought high end products together with the latest technology available for best skin care results. We are proud of the positive response to what we call the 'Nelly Experience' that is described as relaxing, high quality and uniquely effective. Nelly De Vuyst has made us one of the most reliable skin care center in the country and has allowed us to reach out to more people who value good health.

Dr. Olivia De Jesus & Dr. Anna Marie S.Nolido Skinlux Promenade, Philippines

I am specialized in Age Management Medicine and I have been treating men and women for over 30 years internally with bio-identical Hormones & Thyroid replacement therapy. In 2010, I expanded my practice and opened a medical spa in the hopes of helping patients feel well externally. I added Nelly De Vuyst and the Sheerwave Face & Body Technologies and things took off and has been successful helping patients feel well inside and out.

Dr. Jeffrey Passer, MD Passer Med Spa & Weight Loss, Nebraska

When I became self employed I had the opportunity to chose the skincare products for my clients. After extensive research, I chose Nelly De Vuyst as the highest performing line. But in addition to the fast results in all skin conditions, I am absolutely amazed at the support this company offers to it's clients. In six months I've already been to four training sessions and the annual symposium where it became evident that the company is following the latest science discoveries and constantly developing new products.

Silva Ivanova Silva Ivanova, Kirkland
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