The Eye Contour Area

The Eye Contour Area

With more than 10,000 beats per day, 22 muscles and 14 actions every 10 seconds, the eye contour is the most active area of our face. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and fragile and is composed of minimal sweat glands, sebaceous glands and collagen, thus representing the first area of the face to show signs of aging. Beneath the epidermis is a vast network of blood capillaries that are responsible for nourishing our skin cells. Parallel to this network of blood capillaries, the lymphatic capillaries help to eliminate excess fluids, toxins and waste produced from our cells.

Puffiness and Dark Circles

Puffiness and dark circles is the result of a compromised local micro circulation around the eyes caused by congestion of blood and lymphatic capillaries. When the blood circulates poorly, it stagnates and accumulates in the blood capillaries which become visible through the thin eye contour area. In addition, fragile capillaries can cause hemoglobin pigments to appear in the dermis and epidermis. An Oxidized hemoglobin pigment has a blue undertone that intensifies the appearance of dark circles. In parallel, poor lymphatic micro circulation causes a localized accumulation of water and lymph favoring the appearance of bags under the eyes. Due to poor circulation around the eye contour, the cells become deoxygenated which progressively weakens and slows cellular turn over. This results in fine lines, dark circles and devitalized skin.



Use Nelly De Vuyst® Circulalift Eye Contour Patches to reduce dark circles and puffiness by:

  • boosting the micro circulation of the eye contour area in order to prevent blood to stagnate while promoting lymphatic drainage
  • reinforcing the capillaries to prevent any blood or lymph accumulations
  • preventing the oxidation of hemoglobin pigment which causes the blue pigmentation responsible for the appearance of dark circles


Use Nelly De Vuyst® Circulalift Eye Contour Patches under the eyes to:

  • promote better oxygenation of the skin
  • fills and plumps fine lines and wrinkles for an immediate lifting and smoothing effect

Apply the Nelly De Vuyst® Cellular-Matrix Serum for wrinkles (crow’s feet) in order to provide:

  • a “Botox®-like” effect that relaxes facial muscles to alleviate the deepest expression lines
  • a surface lifting effect that instantly smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Note: for those who have and continue to receive Botox® injections, the Cellular-Matrix Serum prolongs the effects of Botox® by an additional 2 months.

Finish with the ultra-moisturizing and anti-aging Lifecell Eye-Contour Cream. This softening and restorative cream intensely stimulates cell metabolism to increase the production of collagen and elastin thereby eliminating surface and deep wrinkles. Visible results in just 2 weeks!


Dark circles that are pigmentation based are due to an imbalance in the micro circulation and local overproduction of melanin (brown pigment) around the eye contour.

After using Circulalift Eye Contour Patches to restore local micro circulation, use Nelly De Vuyst® Radiance Cream on the brown pigmented areas of the eye contour to control melanin production. As a result, your eyes will light up.

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