5 Benefits Of Using A Micellar Foam

5 Benefits Of Using A Micellar Foam

Are you one of those people who wants as few steps as possible for your skin care routine? If so, a micellar foam will be the must-have product to incorporate into your daily skin care routine! Discover the 5 benefits of using a micellar foam to cleanse your skin.

All-In-One Skin Care

Micellar foam is a product that will replace your make-up remover, cleanser and toner! It consists of micelles: molecules that act as magnets to capture sebum and impurities on the epidermis, as well as, to dissolve traces of make-up. Depending on the formula, it will remove makeup from the eyelids, even with eyelash extensions, in one single step.

No Rinsing Required

Micellar foam does not require rinsing or the use of a toner. Most foaming cleansers need to be rinsed with water, which often destabilizes the pH of the skin and requires the use of a toner. The light, ultra-thin texture of the micellar foam allows the skin to be cleaned in one single gesture without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. It will also preserve the skin’s physiological pH and skin hydration to prepare the skin for further skin care treatment.

Fast & Easy

Micellar foam is easy and fast to use. Simply apply the foam to the face with a cotton pad to remove make-up and impurities, and then go directly to applying your skin care treatments. To remove make-up from the eyelids, hold the cotton, impregnated with micellar foam, on the eyelid for a few seconds, and then make a gesture towards the base of the lashes to remove the makeup.

Ideal In All Situations

Since it is not necessary to rinse the skin or use a toner after use, micellar foam can be used in all situations. For example, it can be used to cleanse and refresh your skin after a workout, during a camping trip in the wilderness or while travelling.

You can also use it as an alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers to preserve the hydration and softness of your hands. And finally, micellar foam can be used to clean your makeup brushes!

Ideal For All Skin Types

The texture of micellar foam is often softer and lighter than any other facial cleanser. This is why it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Since it leaves no greasy or sticky residue on the surface of the skin, micellar foam is also suitable for oily skin.

Nelly De Vuyst offers organic micellar foams formulated without alcohol or sulphates to respect even the most sensitive skin. The Micellar Foam BioTense is suitable for all skin types including mature, dry or sensitive skin. It can also be used to remove eye makeup on individuals who have eyelash extensions. The Micellar Foam BioAcne is particularly suitable for oily skin that is acne-prone and sensitive.

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