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Smooth Away Dehydration Wrinkles

Smooth away dehydration wrinkles in 3 Simple Steps

You’ve noticed the first appearance of wrinkles on your face? Don’t panic! This is most likely wrinkles caused by dehydration. The good news is that these types of wrinkles are the easiest to correct! Learn how to control their appearance in 3 simple steps. Read More

Circulalift – Eye Contour Patches


Brighten up your look in just 8 minutes with the new Circulalift Eye Patches! Because dark circles and puffiness are a primary concern regarding the eye area, the Nelly De Vuyst® Research & Development team has developed a “Signature” treatment which smooths and refreshes the eye contour instantly. The synergy of its decongesting and stimulating active ingredients re-balances and energizes the micro circulation of the eye area. As the circulatory system is reinforced this provides a dual action effect to visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles. Discover the new Circulalift Eye Patches from Nelly De Vuyst® for guaranteed results! Read More

Do You Have Dry Or Dehydrated Skin?

 Many skin problems are consequences of the wrong choice of skin care products with relation to the misdiagnosis of the skin condition…

Tightness, discomfort and itching … The symptoms of dry and dehydrated skin can be very similar. Thus, many people having dehydrated skin believe they have dry skin and will opt for greasier products thinking their symptoms will be relieved … But often, the skin problems will worsen and new symptoms may appear. Read More

Reveal Your Glowing Complexion: Nelly De Vuyst® Radiance Cream

Discover the performance of the New Multi-Active Lightening Cream from Nelly De Vuyst®

Both a treatment cream and serum, the Nelly De Vuyst® Radiance Cream offers a revolutionary approach to lightening treatment. Whatever the cause, this lightening skin treatment re-balances the problems associated with pigment disorders. Brown spots associated with aging or sun damage, scarring (acne, wounds, etc.), melasma and dark circles can finally be prevented and treated safely and effectively. Read More

Nelly De Vuyst®: The New Generation

A faithful ally of Madame De Vuyst for a number of years, Manon Pilon reflects today all the innovation of the Nelly De Vuyst® New Generation skin care line.

Once a distributor of Nelly De Vuyst® products across Canada and North America, Ms. Pilon signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement in 2007 with the Belgian laboratories to take over the Nelly De Vuyst® trademark. Read More

Nelly De Vuyst®: For the Passion of Aesthetics

A beautician turned cosmetologist and biochemist for the passion of aesthetics

Born in Belgium on February 1, 1917, Nelly De Vuyst began her career in the early 50’s as an owner of a beauty salon. Passionate and committed, Nelly De Vuyst participated in numerous medical conferences that led her to develop a keen interest in the study of plants used in cosmetics. Determined to provide her clients with the best solutions to their skin care concerns, she immediately began flirting with the idea of developing her own range of skin care products. Read More

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