Radiance Oil: A Must For Glowing Skin

Radiance Oil: A Must For Glowing Skin

Healthy skin is synonymous with hydration, suppleness and radiance. Suitable for all skin types but especially mature, dull and/or tired skin, Nelly De Vuyst’s Radiance Oil is an essential serum for youthful glowing skin.

Do you know about ROS, these reactive species of oxygen produced by the environment and that can compromise the health of our skin? They are the target of Radiance oil. Indeed, this treatment has been specially developed to limit their harmful effects on the skin. But what exactly are ROS and what are their impacts on the skin? Keep reading, the answers can be found just below.

Reactive oxygen species and their impact on the skin

The skin is subject to oxidative factors such as UV, tobacco, pollution, stress or inflammation. Oxidative stress occurs when the body is unable to defend itself against reactive oxygen species (ROS) during an imbalance between antioxidant defense and ROS production. This disruption can lead to damage to the skin and body.

ROS are toxic products of metabolism that attack and destroy proteins, lipids and amino acids that are necessary for healthy skin. In particular, they stimulate the production of enzymes responsible for the degradation of the extracellular matrix thus involving the destruction of collagen and elastin, proteins essential for supple, firm and healthy skin. ROS, by producing imbalances, can therefore cause premature aging and a dull complexion.

ROS are therefore harmful to the skin when the balance between ROS and antioxidant defense is disrupted, leading to premature skin aging. To regulate this balance, it is important to provide antioxidants to the body through diet and by applying topical care with antioxidant properties such as Radiance Oil.

The function of antioxidants is to maintain homeostasis, i.e. balance, of oxygen. We can mention as antioxidants vitamins C and E, certain proteins, peptides or flavonoids.

All the ingredients of the Radiance serum have been chosen with the utmost care in order to bring maximum benefits to the skin, especially by focusing on antioxidant properties. So let’s take a closer look at all the benefits that these ingredients can bring.

Active Complex Containing


Melatonin is a hormone that is found in high concentrations at night and in lower amounts during the day in the human body. It regulates the circadian rhythm, that is to say the cycle that synchronizes the metabolism to its environment for optimal organ functioning. It is therefore essential for humans to maintain good health and beautiful skin. This hormone recognized in the scientific world has already been the subject of several studies for its benefits.

Indeed, the anti-aging action was studied in a clinical trial on 103 women using an anti-aging oily serum containing melatonin. After 12 weeks, an 11% decrease in wrinkles and 70% in redness, an increase in skin firmness, skin quality and overall complexion, were observed. Skin hydration increased significantly after 30 minutes up to 12 hours after application, and trans-epidermal water loss decreased after 4 and 6 hours. This serum is therefore effective during daily application over a period of more than 28 days.

Another study was carried out on 90 women aged 46 to 67 years divided into 2 groups: smokers and non-smokers. With the topical application of a melatonin-based cream, the sebum level is higher, which helps preserve mature skin.

Melatonin’s antioxidant properties were also put to the test in a study of 20 healthy volunteers who were exposed to UV and treated locally with creams containing either melatonin or placebo. Significant differences were observed regarding post-exposure redness 8h after irradiation between the different concentrations. The higher the melatonin concentration, the lower the degree of UV-induced erythema.

Finally, another study was carried out but this time with pre-exposure UVA treatment and with topical application of melatonin alone or with other antioxidant vitamins. The results show a photoprotective action of melatonin alone but this is all the more interesting in combination with other antioxidants.

The photoprotective capacity of melatonin proven here can be explained by its direct and indirect antioxidant capacity. Indeed, melatonin can chelate hydroxyl radicals, that is, to form a complex with these most harmful free radicals. This complex turns into different metabolites that are also good antioxidants. For its indirect antioxidant abilities, melatonin can inhibit pro-oxidant enzymes, lypogenase, and nitric oxide synthases responsible for oxidative damage to cells while stimulating antioxidant enzymes. By limiting oxidative damage, the skin is less dull and premature skin aging is limited (wrinkles, fine lines, pigment spots).

Thus, according to these studies, which represent only a tiny part of the studies conducted on the subject, melatonin is an excellent active ingredient to fight the signs of aging and find glowing skin. Its presence in Radiance oil gives it excellent anti-aging properties that allow the skin to regain all its radiance and youth.

What concentration of melatonin in the product for it to be effective?

Melatonin is a molecule well studied by scientists whether topically, orally or by injection. In serum or cream, melatonin is already very effective but will influence the appearance of the skin more than the biological aspects. Indeed, it was proven by a study on volunteers that after application of a cream containing melatonin up to 0.01%, there was a steady increase in melatonin to an average serum value of 9.0 pg / ml in 24 hours. Our Radiance oil contains 3 times more melatonin than these clinical trials to ensure our consumers receive the most benefit. In addition, melatonin is not dangerous to health and is well tolerated.


The phytoglycogen used in this oil has been studied many times. It has been shown in clinical trials on 20 to 30 people over 4 to 6 weeks that this active ingredient is able to:

  • Limits redness: 15% decrease
  • Increase radiance and brightens: 59% to 85% decrease in hyperpigmentation according to studies
  • Boost hydration: 23% reduction in water loss in 14 days on dry and sensitive skin in winter. This active ingredient would be more effective than hyaluronic acid alone.
  • Reduce wrinkles: 11% reduction of wrinkled areas and 5% of their depth.

In addition, phytoglycogen inhibits the accumulation of free radicals induced by UVB exposure, thus limiting premature skin aging. It also boosts the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that transports energy around the body. This makes it possible to have a better cell renewal. Finally, this active ingredient stimulates the synthesis of ceramides in the skin which helps to improve barrier function.

Hydrolyzed rice protein

Hydrolyzed rice protein is rich in antioxidant peptides that increase protection against free radicals. This protein slows down the degradation of collagen, which provides an anti-aging action to Radiance oil since collagen limits the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The amino acids contained in the active ingredient help retain moisture in the skin, leaving it hydrated and healthy.

Vegetal Oils

Vegetal oils are perfect as a facial care since they have been used for centuries to nourish, protect and moisturize the skin. An oily serum rich in antioxidants deeply nourishes, boosts hydration and limits premature skin aging. The oils selected in radiance oil do not leave an uncomfortable oily film on the skin but instead leave the skin supple soft and hydrated after application.

Radiance oil contains oils that are very beneficial for the skin such as olive oil, evening primrose flower seed oil, argan oil, daisy oil and rice oil.

Olive Oil is particularly interesting for this serum since it is a natural biological vector, that is, it optimizes the absorption of melatonin in the deeper layers of the skin in order to increase its effectiveness. 7

Regarding the synergy of the five oils, they are rich in essential fatty acids, which thus provides a lipid-replenishing and emollient effect. The skin is therefore nourished, supple and softened.

To provide anti-aging action, the selected oils are rich in antioxidant components such as vitamin E, plant sterols and gamma oryzanol. These elements therefore help delay the appearance of signs of aging by limiting the production of ROS and thus slowing down the process of collagen destruction. These antioxidants help strengthen the antioxidant action of melatonin in Radiance oil.

In addition, these oils with restructuring and regenerating properties help protect the skin barrier from external aggressions, helping the skin retain its radiance, softness and youthfulness. The hydrolipidic film being thus protected, the skin is less prone to dehydration and irritation.

By using Radiance oil, the skin is soft, soothed and protected. It is suitable for all skin types and particularly ideal for dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

How to Apply Radiance Oil

Radiance Oil is applied in the evening on perfectly clean skin. Apply gently with your fingers or with a guasha until the product is completely absorbed. You can take advantage of your treatment routine to perform draining massages on your face. These massages will bring you multiple benefits such as:

  • The soothing of facial tensions that could lead to wrinkles in the long term,
  • The stimulation of blood circulation that will give a boost of radiance to the face,
  • The stimulation of facial muscles that will naturally lift the face.

This oil will be perfect to give you a boost of radiance thanks to massages. Continue with Nelly De Vuyst® Cream adapted to your skin type. You can also use it in the morning for its antioxidant power.

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