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Using A Skin Toner: Is it Essential?

 Is the use of a skin toner really essential?

After having showered, do you feel the sensation of tightness all over your face? Do you feel the need to hydrate your skin immediately after having rinsed it with water? Discover the reason behind it…

The importance of your skin’s pH level

Healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5. The pH depends on the quality of a mixture between sebum and sweat on the skin’s surface called the «acid protective barrier». It is due to the acidity of this «acid barrier» that «bad bacteria» and chemical products generally of alkaline nature (pH superior to 7), will not penetrate the skin but instead be neutralized. If the skin is deprived of this «acid barrier», bacteria and chemical compounds will be able to easily penetrate the skin and bring about irritations, infections and can even set off an inflammatory phenomenon. It is therefore fundamental to preserve the quality of the protective acid barrier in order to maintain the pH balance of the skin.

When pH is unbalanced…

  • When the skin’s pH is more alkaline (pH>5.5), the skin is more dry, easily inflamed and feels tight.
  • When the skin’s pH is more acidic (pH<5.5), the skin is more oily and symptoms of acne are present. Also, if your skin’s pH is too alkaline, the skin will begin producing more sebum in order to compensate for the alkalinity and the skin will start showing symptoms of acne.
  • When the skin’s pH is too acidic (pH significantly inferior to 5.5), the skin is affected with chronic irritation problems such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.

What directly destabilizes the pH of the skin?

Many highly alkaline soaps along with toners containing alcohol found in the market will directly destabilize the pH of the skin and are the root cause of skin related problems.

It is essential to opt for cleansers and toners which respect the pH balance of the skin?

The Nelly De Vuyst® Soft Net Cleansing Cream and the Foaming Cleanser Sensitive Skin are gentle cleansers that are specifically formulated to respect the integrity of the skin’s protective acid barrier. After rinsing with water or after a shower, the Nelly De Vuyst® Sensitive Skin Toner or the Lifting Complex Toner restores and preserves the skin’s pH level.

Other factors at the origin of an unbalanced pH

Poor diet – Stress – Cigarette – Excessive alcohol consumption – Lack of exercise – Sun exposure – Inadequate skin care – Not drinking enough water.

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